house by the sea in Spain

With a house by the sea it is a daily holiday. Waking up in the morning and having breakfast with a view of the sea is a great experience for many. With a house by the sea you can enjoy a mild breeze with salty sea air and the glittering sun on the waves. Houses by the sea are in great demand. A frequently mentioned reason to buy a house is Spain is sun, sea and beach. But living by the sea is not only tasty, but also healthy.  

The health benefits of a home by the sea.

1) Clean air

The sea air is usually cleaner. The fresh sea air is good for your health. The algae and natural sea salts help to keep the lungs clean.

2) Less stress

The sea often has a major unconscious effect on us. The sea is soothing and reduces stress. The vast, simple seascape with soothing blue colour and the sound of the waves changes our state of mind.

3) More movement

Living by the sea will make you move more. You are more easily encouraged to go outside for a beach walk, for example. Walking on the soft sand is better for your joints. The sand absorbs the shocks and also makes sure your muscles are put to work extra, so that you burn more calories.

4) More frequent bathing or swimming

Swimming in the sea is also easier if you have the sea nearby. Swimming is healthy for the blood flow and the salty water is good for some skin diseases.

5) Sleep better.

At sea it will be easier to have a healthy lifestyle with more exercise, less stress, and better sleep. The clean sea air ensures an improved oxygen uptake so you can rest better.


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