Which institutions play a role in the purchase of your property?

The real estate agent

GogoEstates has all the knowledge in house to help you purchase your property in the fantastic country of Spain for holidays, hibernation, permanent residence, rental, as an investment or just for your own pleasure. Since 2001, GogoEstates has been providing personalized assistance with the purchase of a property in Spain.
Unlike Belgium and the Netherlands, every real estate agent in Spain has access to all the properties on the real estate market, including those of fellow real estate agents. We are independent and know the ins and outs of the projects and developers, have the knowledge of the region and know what developments are going on there. Our multilingual staff and advisors live, work and live in the region and are happy to share their experiences and enthusiasm with you.

Thanks to GogoEstates, with several offices in Spain, you can enjoy the purchase
of a property of high quality with good workmanship, style and design, in places
with the best geographical location, the best climate and natural environment.

The lawyer

GogoEstates advises foreign clients to hire a Dutch-speaking lawyer who speaks your own language. This is to ask for assistance to understand the entire buying process and thus make it easier for you to make the right decisions. The lawyer can advise you on the legal provisions of a purchase and assist you in arranging the mandatory NIE number. He/she will also advise you on other formalities such as the annual tax return in the right way.

The notary

The notary checks the identity and competence of the persons involved. The notary points out any charges or debts on the property (these are also mentioned in the deed of sale). Any arrears to the Owners' Association shall be reported. The notary includes the proof of payment of the last IBI ("Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles") in the deed of purchase and checks that the IBI's cadastral number corresponds to the seller's original deed of sale. The notary documents the method of payment of the purchase in the deed of purchase. The notary points out the obligation to pay the purchase taxes on time. The notary communicates the transaction electronically to the Property Register after the transaction has been completed, so that there is a report of this.

If there is still a mortgage on the property, it will be cancelled by the notary. Unless otherwise agreed, the costs of the notary are for the account of the buyer. The notarial deed of sale can usually be collected after a few days after which the taxes can be paid and the deed can be registered with the Soaan Property Register ("Registro de Propiedad").


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