The advantages of living in Spain

Spain has a major tourist attraction for northern Europeans. Many go on holiday to Spain, or spend the winter there. Some people choose whether or not to live there permanently. For 

many Belgians and Dutch people that have bought a house in Spain,  Spain has become their second country. Why is Spain a great country to live in? We put 10 points in a row. Living in Spain has many advantages.

1 -Weather & Climber

Perhaps the most important reason for many people: a lot of sun and warmth. The grey days with rain, wind and cold are an exception. Especially along the costas the temperatures in winter are mild. And Spain has an average of more than 300 days of sunshine a year. It rains much less than in northern Europe and rain showers are often short and powerful.

2 . Food & Gastronomy

The rich Meditarrane cuisine is not only tasty, but is also healthy with lots of fresh, local ingredients. Each region has its own specialties, so there is always something new to taste. Shells and shellfish, all kinds of fish and meat are standard on the menu. Eating outside is very common in Spain and a real party, where time is taken. Enjoy on the terrace of tapas, that can be very easy in Spain.

3. Siesta

After lunch a nap is very healthy. Maybe it is a strange habit in the eyes of a Northern person, but at the warmest of the day a short afternoon sleep is quite tasty. It is really advisable to take a break and go into the second part of the day with new energy.

4 Outdoor

After the siesta, so after 19.00 hours in many cities and villages the streets and squares start to be filled with people who have a nice walk, have a drink on a terrace, meet up with friends.

In Spain there is a lot of life on the streets, which can continue into the late hours, especially in the summer. The nice weather helps of course with this.

5 Affordable prices

Eating out or ordering a drink on a terrace is a lot cheaper in Spain than in the Netherlands or Belgium. The prices are very affordable in Spain. Other cases are also often cheaper or certainly not more expensive than in the Netherlands or Belgium. For example, petrol is much cheaper, and supermarkets are generally slightly cheaper. Spain is certainly not an expensive country to live in.

6 The Spanish language

Spanish is an important language that is spoken all over the world. For many people, it's great if they can speak it. It is certainly advisable to learn a little Spanish, there will be a world open for you.

7. Nature

Spain has many national nature parks and protected nature. In the north bears still occur and in the south there is the unique Iberian Lynx. Nature is vast, mountainous and the landscape is full of contrasts.

8. Culture & Fiesta

Spain is large and extensive. As a result, the Spanish culture has large regional differences. From the Catalan Guadí to the typical Basque culture in the north, and from the Moorish palaces in Andalusia, to the Celtic customs in Galicia, there is an enormous variety. The fiestas are very important in Spain and are part of the rich Spanish culture.

9. The Spaniard

Of course not all Spaniards are the same: Every Spaniard is different, but generally Spaniards are nice and helpful people. It helps of course if you speak a little Spanish. Spaniards are very social and will help you if necessary.

10 Relaxed lifestyle

Many Dutch and Belgians also live in Spain because of the relaxed lifestyle. Everything is a little less hectic and is less hurried.


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