Why buy a house in Spain now?

Buying is cheaper.
Due to the economic crisis, house prices have fallen to as much as 70% in exceptional cases! And because the monthly interest payment is currently lower than the rent, it is more favourable to buy. The annual rental yields are on average 4.7% and are rising. Buying a house is an investment. It is often an insurance for the future.

According to the economists, the Spanish economy is recovering. This can be seen, for example, in the rise in the stock market, the fall in unemployment and the rise in tax revenues.


  1.    Your own home under the sun in Spain
  2.    Why buy at GogoEstates?
  3.    Roadmap
  4.     Which institutions play a role in your purchase?
    •  The real estate agent
    •  The Lawyer
    •  The Notary
  5.     Mortgage and financing
    •  Funding
    •  Apply for a mortgage at a Spanish bank
    •  Guidance and advice GogoEstates
  6.     Taxes
    •   Tax in Spain on the purchase of a property
    •    The annual tax to be paid (Income tax and Property tax)
  7.     Why buy a house in Spain right now?
  8.     Our after-sales service
  9.     Info Days
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