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GogoEstates is a multilingual estate agency with an extensive range of services to ensure that the purchase of your property is completed to your satisfaction! Full purchase guidance from A to Z.
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GogoEstates offers integral legal & notary real estate services

GogoEstates has an experienced partnership with multilingual offices of independent lawyers who can help you with all legal matters relating to your property and any rental income, taxes and annual returns. With a Spanish law firm with more than 30 years of experience and more than 15,000 clients from all over the world your interests are well represented. Our English-speaking lawyers represent both residents and non-residents of Spain in all aspects of legal, financial and property law.

We also work with fully registered English, Dutch, Belgian and French legal professionals, combining our expertise with the requirements of our clients in both Spain and their homeland.

Our law firms are proud to give each client a personal experience, to guarantee this we work together with a large number of offices on the various Mediterranean coasts.

We encourage our clients to come by and discuss legal issues or questions they may have. It is highly recommended that you choose an independent lawyer for all aspects of Spanish law. Independent means that the lawyer only works for you to represent your interests.

Feel free to contact us by phone, E-mail or via our contact page.