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GogoEstates is a multilingual estate agency with an extensive range of services to ensure that the purchase of your property is completed to your satisfaction! Full purchase guidance from A to Z.
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GogoEstates provides complete property management and key services.

You purchased your dream home in Spain, but cannot be there all year?
You have invested a lot of money and time for your dream home in Spain. It is a pity if you cannot always be there and that your home is sometimes empty or uninhabited for a longer period of time. You probably have many questions regarding the maintenance and/or need someone to keep an eye on your home regularly.

GogoEstates has the best solution for you.
We can ensure for property management service, periodic checks, cleaning services, but also dependent services such as key management of your wishes and needs.

Our standard Property Management and Key Services package includes:

  • o Check for any signs of entry.
  • o Check any (storm) damage to your home / domain.
  • o Checking all the locks, doors, windows and the alarm system.
  • o Control and prevention of pests.
  • o Checking the running water & flushing of toilets.
  • o Checking gas & electricity connections.
  • o Ventilating the property (to prevent moisture).
  • o Collecting your mail and if desired forward it to your home address or via email.

  • If any problems are detected in your property then we will contact you and together find a solution with our contracted tradesman etc..

    Contact us for a quote by phone, E-mail or via our contact page.